*Master your body & effortlessly get in shape… without years of working out or eating boring food*


The Coveted “metabolic METHOD" is the world's most time efficient method the Top 1% of driven individuals are Using to Effortlessly get in shape and boost their confidence… WITHOUT spending hours at the gym every day or eating boring food

If you want to learn how to get in shape in a time efficient way, whether it’s for your confidence, your energy levels, your health, or your performance at work 
You DON’T need to… 

  • Spend more more than 2-3 hours at the gym per week
  • ​Spend your life's savings on supplements
  • ​Restrict yourself to boring foods
  • ​Sacrifice your career or social life

And today, I’m going to reveal an elegantly simple health & fitness methodology responsible for well over 1000 transformations all over the world… 

That ANYONE, no matter how busy they are, can use to easily get in shape in a time-efficient and enjoyable way that only adds time and energy back into your life... instead of taking it away. 


I’m Mounir Lazzouni and when I first started working 60+ hours per week, I got out of shape and thought it would be impossible with my busy schedule to get back in shape…

I tried hiring trainers, doing all kinds of diets and tons of cardio, and while I’d get short term results, I couldn’t keep it up long term because I’d get too busy.

I worked long and hard to develop this method, and it took me 3 years of trial and error... but finally in 2020, I got back into the best shape of my life, even during all the lockdowns and craziness happening in the world, even while trying to keep my business running with all of the economic changes…

And the best part is, since getting back in shape I’m making more money than ever before AND sharing my methods to help hundreds of others transform their lives as well.

What you’ll learn when you join today isn’t “theory” or some generic garbage regurgitated from the latest online influencer. 

It’s an exact science that I have used (and thousands of others have used as well) to take their physical and mental wellbeing to the moon.

Now, by no means am I saying that you can expect similar growth or that I’m offering some quick pill that will magically fix your problems...

What I am saying is: 

Without the 5-Step Metabolic Method I’m About to Give You… I Would NOT Be Where I Am Today

Now before I tell you more about this program and what you’re going to learn, let me tell you… 

What You’re NOT Going to Learn Inside of This Program: 

  • How to ruin your social life and self esteem
  • A 'plug and play' program that's mass produced for everyone
  • Generic workout, diet and confidence strategies you’ve heard 1,000X over from every other “guru” and so-called “expert” on the internet 

You deserve better than that. The people around you deserve better than that. And I would be doing myself and my reputation a disservice if I offered something like that. 

What I want to do today is completely shift the way you think about and approach getting in shape forever. 

Giving you the exact systems, hacks, and mental frameworks the top 1% of high performers depend on to consistently become more healthy, get (and stay) in shape and generate life-changing confidence… over and over and over again.

While the rest of the pack show up to the gym for another sweaty workout that gets them nowhere... and starts yet another restrictive, boring diet they know they can't stick to....

I’ll show you how to efficiently get in shape in LESS THAN 2-3 hours per week combined between both training and nutrition

The coolest part is… 

It won’t take weeks, months, or years to do it. 

Because if you’re anything like 99% of the people I coach… you’re already a LOT closer than you think. It’s actually pretty wild when I look back on the things I screwed up and realize that I was *this* close to success… 

But I was missing a few key distinctions that could have helped me get past the brick wall I kept running into.

When you know how to handle your wellness...

You can enjoy your life more, make more money, & reach greater heights because you have more energy and confidence, and you have a healthy lifestyle you truly enjoy and can easily maintain.

 Here’s a Quick Taste of What You’ll Learn
Inside of this New Metabolic Method Course

  • Over 5 hours of video content and 50 pages of my very best templates, diets, routines - responsible for thousands of transformations & lasting LIFESTYLE based results, & how to customize them for your own unique needs
  • How to instantly increase your metabolism for faster and more time-efficient results (while scaling your energy levels and wellbeing)
  • ​How to scale your confidence & mental performance as your body returns to its prime
  • The “New House/Old House” framework that allows you to effortlessly handle plateau's in your body and mind 
  • A deep understanding of your body, your metabolism, your genetics, and how to take charge of your body and lifestyle to get the results you want, and keep them with ease
  • How to heal your metabolism & natural hormones (which otherwise decline with age and from most other programs & diets)
  • How to create a sustainable lifestyle you truly enjoy around health & fitness, so that it's easy to stay consistent and keep your results for life
  • Optimize your hormones and reduce the 2 key BAD hormones which make most people get tired, lethargic, and overweight as they get older (Cortisol and Estrogen)

What’s the Catch? Why Is this Only $47?

There’s no catch. No continuity program. And no hidden fees. 

But there are a few reasons why I’m doing this…

1. It’s my mission to give back and help the next generation of entrepreneurs, mavericks, and game changers create the lives they want and serve the world at the highest levels. 

2. The “Fitness Market” NEEDS This… I’m sick and tired of the fly-by-night fitness gurus and high pressure a-holes teaching unethical tactics and scuzzy strategies that just set you back further

3. I want to start building a relationship with YOU… because I know that once you buy this framework and see the types of results you’re able to achieve, you’ll be MUCH more likely to join my other programs in the future. 

The more I can serve you and the more I can help YOU grow… the more we win together. 

Claim Access Now While You Still Can 

No… I’m not going to hit you with some absent minded “scarcity pitch” or tell you that I’m “running out of copies” (of a digital program *eye roll*). 

Truth is, I’ve never done anything like this before. I’ve spent the past 5 years working closely with clients -- not teaching (and I continue doing so today). 

And honestly, I have no idea how long I’ll be offering this system or what the future of my brand holds. It’s a fun experiment and an enjoyable side hustle… but in a few years or even months… I may decide to focus my time and attention on other projects. 

And the second it no longer makes sense for me to be building this, I’ll pull it down along with all of my other offers. 

At that point, the only way to learn any of this stuff will be to become one of the few $25k/year coaching clients I accept each year. 

But more importantly, there’s an opportunity cost for YOU. 

Every single day is an opportunity to grow, improve, and optimize your health & fitness… 

And if you don’t have the right frameworks and methodologies… you’re literally delaying your dreams and shortening your life every time you get out of bed

But if you learn just ONE thing from this program (which you can finish by the end of the day btw), that helps you get closer to the best version of yourself… isn’t that worth $47? 

My challenge to you today is to bet on yourself. Go all in. Get the methods and frameworks you need to grow and reach your goals & dreams…